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Early on, Sameer developed a passion for his art, and the journey to modern day took swift and almost magical turns. Periodically Sameer would entertain supportive family members, friends, and mentors with his highly creative videos (and attempt to shock his audience with a series of clever and humorous techniques). Luckily he was cheered for his efforts and that’s when his dream of a career became a reality.

Taking a serious turn, he started on his career path by studying filmmaking as well as photography not only in Abu Dhabi, but also in Dubai, Paris, the UK, and New York where he was exposed to many different styles of his chosen art.

After getting a B.A. in Media Production, Sameer developed his own style, which he calls ‘modern creative’, and which he further describes as ‘going beyond the traditional realm’ of the industry norm. He’s fascinated by the interplay between light and shadow and is always stepping out of his comfort zone to tell a story in a contemporary and stylized way.


It’s no surprise his crisp lighting and graphic compositions have won him several photography and filmmaking awards. What’s more, in his active role at a government film office, he gained rich experience working with international production companies while continuing to hone his craft and be at the forefront of photography and filmmaking.

With the BBC, Sameer worked on the Wild Arabia series and with Hollywood productions he worked on Mission Impossible 4, Deliver Us From Evil, Fast & Fuirous7 and much more. In the UAE, he has worked on several short films — The Journey, The Orphanage, Visa Run, to name only a few.
Moving on to his unrivalled documentary work, Sameer directed the Emirati rap song video for the national day “Ana Emirati” as well as a documentary for Harley Davidson (Abu Dhabi Chapter) and another entitled “Call Me Break-stine” which was shown in the short film category at the Cannes Film Festival of 2011.
Sameer continued his dream to form Al Jaberi Works where he’s available to shoot videos/film, promos, photography, and so much more. Whatever the project, Sameer’s work will more than touch you. It will capture stellar images — as the ones you’ll see here — sure to resonate with viewers through the visual language we all share.

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