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Sameer Al Jaberi, a highly skilled professional based in Abu Dhabi, renowned for his expertise in public speaking, communication, presentation, and storytelling. Born in 1988, Sameer has pursued a successful career path in these fields.

Sameer's journey began with a passion for filmmaking and photography, he attended many courses and workshops in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Paris, Bristol, and New York. These experiences exposed him to various styles and techniques, shaping his exceptional skill set.


After earning a Bachelor's degree in media production, Sameer joined twofour54 and the Abu Dhabi Film Commission, where he played a crucial role in assisting local, regional, and international film productions. Notable projects he contributed to include "6 Underground," "Star Wars: The Force Awakens”, “Mission Impossible 7” "Deliver Us From Evil" and "Furious 7."


In addition to his film industry achievements, Sameer Al Jaberi has made a significant impact by empowering others through training, workshops, and speaking engagements. He has demonstrated his expertise as a Public Speaking Expert/Judge at the esteemed Emirates Skills National Competition, where he assesses participants' public speaking abilities. Furthermore, Sameer has delivered compelling speeches and conducted workshops at ADNOC, emphasizing the significance of effective communication, storytelling, and presentation skills.


Sameer's dedication to sharing knowledge extends to the Toastmaster community, where he has organized workshops on various topics, including "The Art of Storytelling," "Organizing Speech," and "Tips and Tricks to Excel in Public Speaking." These workshops have garnered immense interest and praise due to Sameer's ability to engage and inspire participants. His exceptional speaking skills have also led to speaking opportunities at prestigious events such as the Alleem Leadership & Management Congress, where he delivered impactful speeches on leadership and management.

Furthermore, Sameer's commitment to empowering individuals through effective communication has extended to other notable platforms. He conducted a workshop on public speaking skills at the Mohamed bin Zayed Majlis for Future Generations, contributing valuable insights and techniques to aspiring speakers. Additionally, he served as a speaker and delivered a workshop on communication techniques for the employees of Coca Cola Icecek Kazakhstan, helping them enhance their communication skills and foster an environment of effective expression. Sameer's expertise was also sought after by the Ministry of Culture & Youth Summer camp program, where he delivered a workshop on communication techniques for speaking in public.


Through his diverse range of workshops, training sessions, and speaking engagements, Sameer Al Jaberi continues to inspire and equip individuals with the necessary skills to excel in public speaking, communication, and storytelling. His commitment to empowering others, coupled with his exceptional expertise, makes him a highly sought-after resource in the field of effective communication.


Furthermore, Sameer's expertise extends to location scouting, as he conducted a workshop titled "8 Keys to Location Scouting Like a Pro" at the Al Marmoom Film Festival. He has also educated students about the significance of location scouting and storytelling at ZUMEFF.

Recognized internationally, Sameer is a two-time award-winning public speaker. He received the District Toastmasters Annual Conference 2018 award for Humorous Speech, making him one of the first Emiratis to achieve this honor. Additionally, he represented the Arab world as one of the top 28 speakers in The International Toastmaster Speech Contest 2020.


Apart from workshops and engagements, Sameer has provided personalized one-on-one training to individuals seeking to improve their presentation skills in professional settings. Through his guidance, he has equipped numerous individuals with the confidence and tools to deliver impactful presentations.


Driven by his passion for communication and storytelling, Sameer Al Jaberi continues to inspire, educate, and empower others with his exceptional skills. With his magnetic presence, extensive experience, and unwavering commitment to excellence, he raises the bar in public speaking and communication, leaving a lasting impact on all those he interacts with.

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